BOS spol. s r.o.

  • domestic cargo transport, internal transport of agricultural commodities, domestic trucking, domestic railway transport

  • manufacture of rubber strips, fan belts, rubber profile distribution, rubber pads, rubber seal strips

  • stone tiles, stone working, marble products, travertine and granite, stonework

  • sales of all fossil fuels, distribution of black coal, brown coal, coal briquettes, coke

  • anhydrous fermentative alcohol, fatty acid methyl esters, mixed diesel oil, vegetable oil, modified biogas

  • black coal mines, brown coal mining, solid fuels, coal stores, hard coal mining, coal heating

Our company trades in quality fuel wood, brown and black coal, coke and aggregates.
As a part of our services we also run a motor transport.
We will place a container and deliver or take away waste, building debris, sand, gravel or timber. We will also take away waste that is heavy in volume, such as wet leaves, grass or metal waste.

We also sell quality fuel hardwood and softwood. These are mostly the following woods: beech, hornbeam, oak, birch, spruce, pine and larch.
The supplied timber is shortened or chopped to various lengths - 25 cm, 33 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm.
You can choose the type and length of wood to precisely fit your needs. You do not have to own any sawing equipment, for you can leave the rough work to us.
Our offer also includes decorative garden aggregates of various fractions.
We try to satisfy our customers as much as possible. By agreement we can deliver the ordered fuel to the destination at an appointed time, with a possibility of putting the coal away with a conveyor belt.

Another key activity of our company is production, repair and sale of hydraulic hoses. We carry out armouring of hydraulic hoses while one waits, according to the customer's model and instructions.

-hoses, terminations, fittings, reductions, quick couplings, sealing.


sale solid fuels, coal, briquettes, fuel wood, aggregates, the Czech Republic

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