Mestske centrum komplexni pece Benatky nad Jizerou, prispevkova organizace

namesti 17. listopadu 593, Benatky nad Jizerou 294 71

The city center of comprehensive care in Benátky nad Jizerou provides health and social services, in the form of residential, outpatient and field. The facilities that our center operates include a home for the elderly, a day hospital and also a personal hygiene center. We also provide home health care, nursing services and rental of compensatory aids.


Retirement home:
- 40 clients (30 living units on 3 floors, 1 and 2 bed rooms)
- for persons over 65 years of age.

Day Care Center:
- the service is provided to persons who have reduced self-sufficiency due to age or disability, and persons with chronic mental illness
- capacity maximum 4 clients, age category from 18 years.

Another services:
- home health care
- field care service
- relief services.

Detailed information on the provision of our services can be found on our website. Or do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

Reg. No.: 75154617
District: Mlada Boleslav
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: others
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Bc. Monika Megličová, DiS.

+420 326 362 283
+420 702 067 618



Contact persons:
Bc. Monika Meglicova, DiS.
tel: +420 702 067 618

GPS: 50°17′14.68″ N, 14°50′15.5″ E

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