ELMEP s.r.o.
Prumyslova automatizace Melnik


Automatizační technika

We specialize in complex services and supplies of automation technologies. We provide system solutions for industrial companies.
Our employees are experienced in repairing and maintaining devices, regulating and measuring in the tough environment of companies engaged in chemical industry. We operate in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad, and have many years of experience.
Our clients come from various fields of light and heavy industry, pharmacy, chemistry, energetics, food processing, cosmetic, automotive industry, water management and other.

Analyzing technologies:
- analyzers
- chromatographs
- analyzer houses
- sample treatment devices

Safety systems:
- electronic fire and security systems
- camera, extinguishing and cooling systems
- gas detection.

Engineering and design:
- consultancy, studies, analyses
- designing
- construction management
- construction supervision.

Measurement and control, electro:
- electro
- metrological services
- field instrumentation
- positioners and valves
- weighing systems.

- cables and cable lines installation
- installation of fire seals
- special assemblies
- switchgear production.

Risk assessment:
- SIL classification.

Information, control and database systems:
- database systems
- data communications
- distributed control systems
- programmable logic controllers
- visualization.

Service and maintenance:
- workshop repair services
- complex maintenance
- service.

Air-conditioning and air-handling systems:
- air-conditioning
- heating of buildings
- air-handling equipment.

Services that we provide:
- technical solution project and consultancy
- complex order management
- software works
- assembly
- putting into operation
- training
- service (warranty and post warranty).

Czech Companies:    

Design work in building industry


Electrical work


Electronic security systems and accessories


Checking and safety equipment


Measuring and control equipment


Programming and computer services


Supervision of construction


analyzers, chromatographers, measurement and regulation, gas detection, control systems, analyzer houses