Construction supervision is necessary not only from the point of view of the legislation, but also because of the security and correctness of execution of all construction tasks. Supervision shall ensure continuous control of all important works, and from the point of view of the project documentation and the applicable standards.

ELMEP s.r.o. Prumyslova automatizace Melnik
We specialize in complex services and supplies of automation technologies. We provide system solutions for industrial companies. Our employees are experienced in repairing and maintaining devices, regulating and measuring in the tough environment of companies engaged in chemical industry. We operate in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad, and ...
Realitni kancelar REALIT Ing. Leo Zubek
Real estate agents. Purchase, sale, charge, mediation: - real estates, lands, flats, huts, cottages, industrial buildings - housing and utility rooms. Authorised expert: - appraisal of real estates. Consultancy: - real estates. Engineering activity. Supervision.