DK projekt, s.r.o.

DK projekt, s.r.o. based in Ostrava is engaged in design work in the area of water, gas, sewerage, central heating, engineering, OSH coordination and acts as the Energy Consulting and Information Center of EKIS. It also provides energy audit.

Within the scope of its activity DK projekt, s.r.o. provides the following services:

 - design work:
   - planning permit documentation,
   - building permit,
   - utility connections,
   - internal wiring,
   - central heating,
   - sewerage,
   - boiler rooms, pumps, solar systems, heat exchange stations,
   - thermostatic valves and others.
 - engineering activities:
   - authoring, technical and construction supervision,
   - coordination of OHS at the construction site,
   - handling grants and more.

 - Energy:
   - audits,
   - energy performance of buildings,
   - energy labels for buildings,
   - heating costs,
   - green savings.

 - EKIS - Energy Consulting and Information Center.

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Bohuminska 94/113
Ostrava - Muglinov 712 00
+420 596 732 592

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