AZ elektroprojekce s.r.o.
Mereni a regulace Praha

Designing, engineering and supply activities in the field of electro.

We make project documentation in the field:
- weak current
- heavy current
- measurement
- regulation.

The company structure consists of four groups:
 - 1st group - heavy current - focus on technological electrical wiring
 - 2nd group - heavy current - power engineering of low to very high voltage (LV, HV)
 - 3rd group - weak current and security systems (EZS, CCTV)
 - 4th group - control systems, measurement and regulation (BMS, MaR (

Preparation of project documentation in the profession of electro following stages:
 - DÚR - land use planning documentation - proceedings
 - DSP - building permit documentation
 - DVZ - documentation for contractor selection
 - PCB - documentation for construction
 - implementation documentation
 - supplier documentation
 - documentation of the actual situation
 - reconstruction proposals
 - mobile diesel aggregates
 - stable diesel aggregates
 - spare power sources
 - technical supervision on site for the investor event. suppliers
 - technical condition reviews, reviews, passportization, proposals for economic optimization
 - evaluation of offers in the above mentioned fields
 - proposals for savings in supply.

We ensure coordination with all other professions.

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