ELMAR group spol. s r.o.

  • radiator valves and taps, expansion tanks, safety and air-relief valves, manometers and thermometers

  • laboratory measuring apparatus, revision measuring apparatus, accessories to measuring technology, decibel meters, speedometers

  • air conditioning units, heating and cooling, control devices, industrial filtration, special fans

ELMAR group, s.r.o. has been involved in regulatory systems for several years. Our main goal is measurement and regulation for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technologies, including their delivery and assembly, not only in the vicinity of Prostějov. We will manage all kinds of energy.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we are able to optimize ready-made solutions and in our solutions we always emphasize the effective use of the invested costs.

Projection of elktro and MaR technology
- expert consultancy, consultancy and proposal of optimal solution of the given problem in relation to controlled technologies
- provision of project documentation, which is processed using CAD systems
- drawing of the final state of the performed work
- we are able to process projects not only for heat sources, office buildings and ice rinks, but also for other areas of measurement and control.

Implementation and assembly of MaR technology
- we install measurement and control systems for heating, cooling, air-conditioning, air-conditioning and energy management systems
- we provide complex management of technological processes of buildings and equipment
- Creation of quality software for system management
- supplies of systems, components, appliances and other materials
- controlled assembly (eliminating disturbances)
- creation of graphic dispatching centers
- commissioning and adjustment of the system.

We focus on the implementation of projects in various sectors (houses, large commercial buildings, central heating sources of cities).

Service and calibration of MaR technology
- regular service of equipment and systems measuring and control technology of heating, cooling, air-conditioning and air-conditioning
- calibration of sensors (ensuring safety at home and in operation)
- ensuring immediate service in the event of an accident
- optimization of operating systems.

Design, supplies, assembly including SW equipment in the area:
- measurement and regulation (M&C) of heating, cooling, air-conditioning, water treatment plants
- individual room management - IRC systems
- dispatching systems - remote control
- frequency converters for drives
- regulation of energy consumption - electric, thermal
- intelligent buildings-intrusion detection, ACS, CCTV

Supported control systems:
- MaR-HONEYWELL, Johnson Controls, Siemens, AMIT
- Frequency converters-ELIN, Danfoss
- Measurement-HONEYWELL, Commet System
- ESS, ACS-HONEYWELL, Inner Range, Paradox.

ISO 9001.


Johnson Controls, Siemens, AMIT

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