PortaTherm s.r.o.


Lamelové clony

Production, sale, installation, service, repairs, counselling:
-plastic screens, stripe curtains
-lamellar curtains
-draught curtains
-PVC curtains
-welding boxes
-welding curtains
-welding screens
-space parting
-travelling fittings
-high-rate winding doors
-high-speed gates
-for shops (for dairy and meat counters, for doors, for cooling and freezing cars), cooling showcases, wall-standing showcases
-for industry (PVC curtains into industrial halls, manufacturing enterprises, into storerooms, for sanitary rooms, for room dividing)
-PVC bands and panels
-swing doors
-swing gates (centre-pivoted door):
-single or double wing gate closing for internal manufacturing and storage premises.
Minimum 50% energy saving by ventilation, working.
Useful protection against bird and insect fly in.
The cheapest solution of hygienic room parting.

Czech Companies:    

Plastic gates and fences


Plastic packaging and films


Roller blinds, Venetian blinds and awnings