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Hair studio and barber is a modern hairdressing studio in Přerov. We provide a complete hairdressing service and hair advice. Our main activities are hair lengthening by the Great Lengths method, hair straightening and Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Barbershop, a men's barber shop, is designed for every real man. Our trained hairdressers use the latest technology.

If you are planning a wedding, are planning a family photo shoot, do not hesitate to contact us, we will take care of you in our salon.

Complete hairdressing service, hairdressing services and hair care
Cutting, dyeing, Brazilian keratin, washing and blowing hair and creating extravagant hairstyles. We color hair according to typology, cut hair according to the type of personality.
For perfect hair care you can buy top products from us.

Hair extension and thickening
The Great Lengths method is the most modern method of hair extension. It is suitable for all hair types and uses natural hair that is suitable for long-term wear. Hair is shiny from root to tip.
You can trim your hair in a standard way, including dyeing, blowing and ironing. Hair stays shiny from root to tip, beautifully smooth, firm and dense. The overall appearance is very natural.

Hair straightening
For permanent hair straightening we use a wide range of straightening systems according to the type of hair without damaging them. We offer straightening, smoothing and change the hair structure. Hair straightening is performed on all hair types including hair dyed or chemically treated.

Men's barbershop offers classic and modern men's hairstyles, beard and mustache treatment, traditional razor shaving, towel wraps and modern men's cuts. In addition to modern cuts, we also perform head massages.

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Daniela Sivcova - Hair studio and barber


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