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The company YETTY.EU from the Czech Republic, which is an EU member state, deals with technical support in the field of pneumatic systems and components, air conditioning and industrial automation. We supply pneumatic systems and components, air conditioning, drives, vacuum, valves, pressure switches, tire fittings. We provide expressive production of rollers and custom production of conveyors, such as the function of counting pieces, scanning the product and their sorting.

We supply spare parts and components in the field of tires from the manufacturers Festo, Stranska & Petrzik, Norgren, Asco Numatics, Camozzi, Herion, Haskel, Buschjost, Airtec, Metal Work, Bosch Rexroth, Aventics, Leibfried, Martonair, KIP, Entos, Walter, Webber, Knorr, Watson Smith, DYNA-QUIP, Beech, FAS, Samson, Maxseal, EKD, Aignep, THK, Castello, Rotoflux.

We are constantly expanding our range, partly in the field of hydraulics (HERION), THK, ROLLON, SNR lines, IGUS and EKD energy chains, SIMALUBE permanent lubricators and other novelties.

We supply valves and fittings for oil, water (even drinking), steam (even sharp above 140 degrees Celsius), acids and alkalis, bulk materials, shut-off valves, gate valves and other process equipment. The sale also includes technical support or service.

An important activity of the company is the construction of machines and equipment that automate production and technological processes. We specialize in pressure tightness control equipment, measuring jigs, special turnkey workplaces, filling equipment, etc ...


Festo, Norgren, Camozzi, Webber, Samson


pneumatic systems and components, pneumatics, air-handling systems, industrial automation, screw couplings

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