Jaroslav Smid
u Masek

Stribrny kopec 342, Straz nad Nisou 463 03
Telephone: +420 608 066 669

Locksmithing, toolmaking
-Operation of cultural, cultural-educational and entertainment facilities, organizing cultural productions, parties, exhibitions, fairs, shows, sales and similar events
-Accommodation services
-Preparatory and finishing construction work, specialized construction activities
-Repair and maintenance of household needs, cultural objects, fine mechanics products, optical instruments and gauges
-Primary education and training, organizing courses, training, including teaching activities
-Maintenance of motor vehicles and their accessories
-Wholesale and retail trade
-Mediation of trade and services
-Animal breeding and training (excluding animal production)
-Provision of services for agriculture, horticulture, pond farming, forestry and hunting

Reg. No.: 66662851
District: Liberec
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: without employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €

+420 608 066 669



GPS: 50°47′15.79″ N, 15°0′57.2″ E

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