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Fire protection equipment and fire equipment, such as firefighting equipment, devices, but also clothing, helmet and gloves for firefighters, can be purchased at the company Jaroslav Žálčík - firefighting equipment and firefighting equipment in Šumperk.

You can buy fire protection equipment and other fire equipment from us - we are a supplier of equipment and armament for fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades.

Our range includes firefighting equipment such as:
- fire hose
- retractor, gangway and basket for fire hoses
- suckers
- suction baskets, hydrant valves, manifolds
- couplings
- jets
- hydrants - wall, above ground, underground
- pumps - floating, sludge, water jet and pressure
- power generators
- ladders
- rescue equipment - hydraulic, pneumatic, manual
- sorption materials - antistatic barrel, sorption chemical crumb,
magnetic sewer seal etc.
- lighting technology and more

We also sell various types of fire extinguishers that can be used to extinguish solids of organic origin, fires of liquids or gases.

Assortment of fire extinguishers:
- powder, foam, water
- fire extinguishing sprays
- snow
- mobile

You will also find a complete range of clothing for firefighters, including emergency clothing and walking uniforms or sports firefighting clothing. We have shoes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, footwear and rank markings for sale.

Quality gloves are also a necessary protective element of firefighters' equipment. You can choose from several types:
- intervention
- rescue
- work and abseiling gloves

We also sell helmets - especially emergency helmets, which are equipped with a retractable face shield, locking screw and handles for breathing equipment and a flashlight.

We also have sports and work helmets available.

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Jaroslav Zalcik- hasici technika a hasicska vyzbroj


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