PIRES s.r.o.


Hořákové a topné systémy průmyslových pecí

PIRES s.r.o. is active in industrial sectors. We are a company from the Czech Republic that is an EU member state. We specialise in burner and heating systems for industrial furnaces and ovens, including control stations for heating and technical gases (natural gas, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, acetylene and more). We install, repair, test and inspect gas installations, burner systems and industrial gas mains. We provide service across Czech Republic and Slovakia in a broad range of areas. We are the exclusive representative of Kromschröder for service, consulting and sales.

Installation, testing, repairs, service and inspection:
- gas installations and burner systems
- burner components
- regulator stations, regulator assemblies, regulation equipment for all technical and heating gases
- industrial gas mains and appliances
- technical gas distribution systems
- Kromschröder burner systems
- Protego fixtures, regulators and safety valves
- complete inspection activities, elaboration of operating inspections
- warranty and post-warranty service, delivery-related service.

Refurbishment, modernisation, construction and service:
- industrial furnaces and ovens, burner systems, regulator stations, oxygen fuel heating, various technical installations and equipment

We conduct the installation and commissioning of industrial furnaces and ovens and regulator assemblies.

We provide construction and technical documentation.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

We hold an ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
We represent BEDA Oxygentechnik.

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