CZECHPOL J+P, spol. s r.o.

Rokytnice 190, Vsetin 755 01
Our company Czechpol J + P deals with the sale of spare parts and car parts of the Škoda brand in the Vsetín district, in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and in the Zlín Region. If you run a car service or tire service or are looking for spare parts for Škoda vehicles, we are right for you. We will help you with the replacement of spare parts. We have most car parts in stock.

We offer:
- wholesale and retail of car parts
- spare parts for domestic vehicles and foreign brands
- bodywork - bumpers, masks, fenders, sills, hems, trunk supports, windshields, mirrors, towing devices
- headlights, turn signals, fog lights, car bulbs
- radiators, air conditioners, heating fans
- wiring sets
- engines and gearboxes - belts, pulleys, pulleys, vibration dampers, water pumps, lambda probes, filters
- turbo originals and overhauls
- alternators, starters
- clutches, brake systems - discs, plates, shoes, drums, rollers, calipers
- exhaust systems
- chassis - steering + servo, wheel bearings, shoulder pins, semi-axles, shock absorbers, springs
- car batteries, car chemicals and car cosmetics and another 3, 500 spare parts in stock

You can find our office at Rokytnice 190, Vsetín.

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