Jakub Kokes CZ, s.r.o.

  • penetration coatings, water-repellent impregnation coatings, additives for mortars, concrete admixtures, biocidal protection, surface active agents

  • metallurgical materials, hanging systems, small hardware, iron hooks, strips for ironmongery, metal mesh

  • sales of machine parts, nuts and bolts, dowels, threaded inserts, lug bolts, connecting anchors

Are you a construction company, craftsman or roofer and are you looking for a reliable company that will supply and sell high quality anchoring equipment and fasteners around Ústí nad Labem? Company Jakub Kokeš CZ, s.r.o. is the right choice - for anchors, self-tapping screws, dowels and rivets.

We are able to ensure fast delivery of goods directly to the construction site! We provide transport throughout the Czech Republic. Our anchoring technology is designed for professional use in construction and similar industries, as well as for common domestic use.

Wholesale, retail, sale, supply of anchoring equipment and fasteners of the highest quality:
- screws for sheet metal, wood, concrete and lightweight materials
- self-tapping screws
- anchored, die, tubular anchors
- welding nails, self-adhesive
- rivets (expanding, tubular, tubular with hook, tear-off and others)
- wood screws, wood constructions
- plastic telescopes
- washers (insulating, targets, self-locking)
- plate and hammer anchors
- drills (conical, SDS plus)
- bits, bits and wrenches.

We guarantee sufficient stock of goods to our customers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field we will be happy to help you choose the optimum anchoring method.

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