Pradelna Sopik s.r.o.
Pradelna a cistirna Ostrava

Company Prádelna Šopík s.r.o. as an industrial dry cleaning and laundry in Ostrava, it provides quality services in the field of laundry, clothes and clothing cleaning. We wash all kinds of linen not only for hotels, restaurants, but also for all other types of accommodation and catering operations as well as cleaning companies and medical facilities.

We have been here for more than 20 years, honoring professionalism, tradition, diligence and confidentiality. If you are looking for professional laundry and dry cleaning services, you are at the right address.

Laundry and dry cleaning:
- washing and cleaning
- laundry washing, industrial washing
 - industrial laundry
- Laundry is equipped with modern machines
- corporate washing
- professional washing for companies and facilities:
 - Laundry for accommodation services, accommodation, hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, catering facilities, canteens, retirement homes, seniors, nursing homes, sports centers, beauty salons, hairdressers, beauty salons, fitness, large cultural and sports events, parties
- washing of company, work clothes
- washing for citizens, the population
- washing and ironing suits and shirts, ties
- washing and cleaning of evening and evening dresses
- cleaning of suits and coats
- cleaning, dry cleaning of clothing, clothing, leather, feathers, uniforms, costumes
- cleaning of large-volume bags
- dry cleaning of linen.

- rental of laundry and work clothes
- rental of hotel and hospital linen
- repair and alteration of linen and workwear
- cleaning vertical blinds
- washing and rental of cleaning mats
- sewing quilts.

The mangling of clothes, the mangling.

Delivery of laundry to customers:
 - linen collection
 - free collection of laundry for customers.

Rýmařov branch and collection point:
Okružní 1308/49, 795 01 Rýmařov, Czech Republic
Phone 554211745

Bruntál collection point:
Nerudova 1866 / 6a, 783 21 Bruntal
Phone 554718141

Krnov collection point:
Krtkův shop, 794 01 Krnov
Phone 554610735

Collection point Jeseník:
Kostelní 142/5, 790 01 Jeseník, Czech Republic
tel. 724240942

Šumperk collection point:
Generála Svobody 10, 787 01 Šumperk, Czech Republic
tel. 583213405

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Krakovska 15
Ostrava - Hrabuvka 700 30
+420 739 998 932

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