Choose from a wide range of home textiles. Whether you need cotton, flannel, satin or crepe bed-linen, canvas or fitted sheets, blankets and bedspreads, slipcovers, blankets, carpets or the curtains or the curtains - all beautifully zútulní Your home.

2G-spol. s r.o. - Prikryvky a polstare
Production and sale: - Woven linen table mats with special Moravian motifs - Blankets, quilts, pillows, cushions - Sleeping bags, health mattresses - Bed-clothing, covers, bedspreads and accessories - Fillers for upholstery furnishing industry - FUTON. Products are filled with branded hollow fibres, sheep fleece MIKROSTOP. Types: feathers ...
Eifler, spol. s r.o. Calounicke potreby, potahove latky Praha
Wholesale, retail trade, sale: - upholstery and tailor's materials and requirements: - fabrics/facing materials, plushes - decoration fabrics - Goblins - tent cloth, sail cloth/canvas - wadding - painter's, ironing, unbleached canvas - plastic foam - health mattresses - rubber horse-hair - threads - needles - tailor'a ...
Ing. Stanislav Jakoubek JK - Plet
Production: -knitted fabrics for sportswear -knitted fabrics - flat-stitch fabric / plain jersey fabric, snap fasteners, terry-cloth -terry-cloth elastic sheeting -working T-shirts for fire brigades -ready-made clothes - knitwear. Production, sale: -BD yarn (cotton, cotton/viscose, mixed, blended).