Zdravotnicke potreby

REALITDATA, based in Ostrava, specializes in the sale of orthopedic, rehabilitation and compensatory aids such as walkers, footwear, insoles, compression stockings, inhalers, blood pressure or knee orthoses, WC attachments, bath or shower seats, etc.

Our goods are of good quality and at the same time affordable and we buy them directly from their manufacturers or authorized dealers. You can also pick up the product at our doctor's prescription.

In our wide range you can choose from:
- compression stockings and health socks,
- bandages, sleeves, orthoses,
- pressure gauges, pedometers, diet scales,
- inhalers (ultrasonic, compressor),
- aids for diabetics (glucometers, test strips),
- warming blankets, infra lamps
- dressing materials
- incontinence devices.

In our shop you will also find rehabilitation aids:
- exercise balls,
- overalls,
- rubber.

Compensation aids:
- crutches,
- sticks,
- walkers.

We offer the following assortment of acupressure aids:
- hedgehogs,
- rollers,
- washers,
- massage balls.

Other goods you can buy here are orthopedic shoes, insoles or gel aids.

If the selected device is not in stock, we will be happy to order it if possible.

We also offer the following services:
- accounting and payroll,
- medical treatment.

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28. rijna 1044/192
Ostrava - Marianske Hory 709 00
+420 596 619 845

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