Entrust the economy and accounting of your company to professionals who will take care of tax filing, accounting, payroll, human resources, taxes and their optimization and representation before the relevant administrative authorities. The services and economic advice.

KRALgroup elektromery - transformatory - e-shop
KRALgroup – an association of individuals which sells and manufactures instruments for measuring electrical quantities. From our catalogue you can choose: Electricity meters: - for DIN rail (single and three-phase, direct and indirect, 2- and 4-quadrant) - mobile and special - RFID and GSM. Electric network analyzers: - for mounting on ...
Realitni kancelar REALIT Ing. Leo Zubek
Real estate agents. Purchase, sale, charge, mediation: - real estates, lands, flats, huts, cottages, industrial buildings - housing and utility rooms. Authorised expert: - appraisal of real estates. Consultancy: - real estates. Engineering activity. Supervision.
KONZULTA Brno, a.s.
Tax consultancy for corporate bodies/legal entities and natural persons, turnkey solution of tax and tax-legal questions. Business consulting - business plans, loan applications, balance. SMS-operator-integrated system of mobile communications use through SMS, i.e. consumer competitions, surveys, SMS voting, SMS mobile marketing, collective SMS ...