Granulated BENTONITE MQ Bento Czech Republic

Granulated bentonite MQ Bento for the waterproofing and sealing of waterworks is produced and supplied by MEDIUM INTERNETIONALI s.r.o.

This fine-grained agent is characterized by high content of montmorillonite. Thanks to this additive, the product acquires the sorption capability - ability to absorb - smells, vapours and air humidity, spilled oils and other liquids ; cultivation ability - for fertilization of sandy soils and other surfaces which cannot keep moisture and nutrients within the root layer; sealing ability - against penetration of water into tanks, dams and subsoil of car parks and warehouses.

Bentonite is environmentally friendly.
Choose from two types of bentonite with a grain difference of either 0.5-2 mm or 0-2 mm. Both species contain minimum 60% montmorillonite and 3-7% moisture. PH ranges from 7.5 to 9.5.

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