Fabrics, fiberglass reinforcements, hybrid fabrics and non-standard types too – production the Czech Republic

If you need to make fabrics or reinforcements from glass fiber in an non-standard construction or width, contact UNIQUE Textiles company, which is able to meet customer requirements as well as to produce non-standard types of glass fiber fabrics, glass reinforcements and deliver hybrid fabrics from various fiber combinations.

We produce standard glass fabrics in different weights from 80 g / m² to 390 g / m² in a standard width of 100-160 cm and roving fabrics as reinforcement in weights ranging from 240g / m² to 580g / m² in a standard width of 100-125cm.
Our products meet high quality requirements and are all certified.

If you do not choose, please tell us your specific requirements by e-mail or by phone and we will then contact you.

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