UNIQUE Textiles, s.r.o.


skelné tkaniny z příze

The Czech company UNIQUE Textiles is a weaving plant in the region Zlin. It focuses on the manufacture and sale of technical fabrics and reinforcements mostly from glass fibres. It produces glass filament fabrics from yarn, hybrid fabrics, roving and glass reinforcements, tapes.
It also supplies combined materials according to the customer's wish. These are produced by needle punching of various types of fabrics in two or three layers.

Since 2007 we have a certified quality management system according to the CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 for the production of technical fabrics.

Weaving, production, wholesale, retail sale, sale:
- technical and industrial fabrics, textiles made from glass, carbon and aramid fiber.

Glass filament fabrics from yarn:
- glass fiber fabrics in various grammages
- 2 weave types - plain and twill.

Glass reinforcement:
- reinforcements for composites have a wide range of use in various industrial fields:
- aircraft manufacture, shipbuilding, production of paddles, wagons, sports equipment
- in automotive industry, motorsports
- in construction industry, wind power plants
- insulation systems, fire protection
- pipes and tanks.

Roving fabrics:
- produced from a direct roving in various grammages.

Hybrid fabrics:
- consist of various types of fibres - combinations of direct roving, glass fibre, polyester fibre.

Woven, glass and roving tapes:
- two versions - with a selvage edge or cutting edge
- produced in various grammages.

- Holesov, Samostatnost 1646.


production of glass filament fabric, reinforcement, tapes, roving, hybrid, technical fabrics, weaving plant, CZ, the Czech Republic