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Fittings a couplings for plastic pipes in stock - ready to purchase, Czech Republic

A wide range of fittings, couplings and other plastic pipe fittings from Plastitalia offers LUNA PLAST a.s. from Mělník.
LUNA PLAST a.s, a Czech manufacturer of plastic pipes, has also expanded its product range with pipe fittings, couplings and fittings and other complementary goods to plastic pipes.
The company became the exclusive representative of the Italian company Plastitalia - Europe's largest manufacturer, which supplies its products to all 5 continents.
You can order a complete range of fittings, couplings, butt fittings, couplings, electro-fittings, reduction fittings, elbows and T-pieces with a diameter of 20-1200 mm and also electro fittings-welding machines.
All additional assortment is in stock, ready for immediate purchase.

So if you are looking for an additional assortment of plastic pipes, please contact the Czech company LUNA PLAST a.s. from Mělník. This important Czech manufacturer of PE plastic pipes will you also supply high-quality fittings, couplings, butt fittings, electro-fittings, reduction fittings, elbows and T-pieces. Everything is ready for immediate delivery!

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