Czech producer of PE plastic pipes with record-breaking delivery times

Are you searching for a producer and supplier of PE plastic pipes for outdoor pressure distribution of drinking and non-potable water, sewage systems, water service lines, laying of cables or wells’ supply? Then we recommned you to contact the LUNA PLAST a.s. company, a Czech producer of plastic pipelines with a tradition since 1998. They are experts solely on this field, with a testing laboratory of their own, where the plastic pipes are manufactured in the most modern machines.

PE plastic pipes LUNA PLAST

Wide range of produced pipelines

As it was already stated in the introduction of this article, the product program of LUNA PLAST a.s. is very broad – it includes more than 80 products. These are high quality pipes made of high-density and medium-density polyethylene (PE40, PE80, PE100, PE100RC), that could be used mostly for distribution of drinking and non-potable water, but also, for instance, for laying of cables. Another group of products consists of connecting materials, such as electrical adapting pieces (electro fusion elbows, reductions, saddles, couplers and end cups), tees or mechanical couplers.

Modern technologies for plastic pipe production

Quality of the PE plastic pipes from our production is achieved primarily thanks to a modern manufacturing environment and machines that we use. Since the very establishment of our company we have been putting great emphasis on continuous investments in technologies. The company thus has at its disposal highly automated production lines, that have very low error rates. Despite that, the whole manufacturing process is still further monitored and supervised by an authorized person.

Quality control of PE pipes is carried out simultaneously in our own laboratory

To make sure that the produced pipes are of high quality and able to meet the customers’ requirements, LUNA PLAST has at its disposal a modern laboratory, which is situated right in the place of manufacture. Therefore it can operatively specify the properties of the polyethylene pipes. It also continuously monitors all parameters during the manufacturing process itself, which is yet another significant controlling element.

High flexibility, short delivery times

An undisputed advantage of the LUNA PLAST company is also its high flexibility, which could be observed in the possibility of producing PE plastic pipes according to the customers’ wishes and supplying them almost anywhere in Europe. The most requested pipelines are produced also to stock, and are thus almost immediately available to the customers.


PE plastic pipe production with an emphasis on ecology

To conclude – a few words about the company’s philosophy. The work of LUNA PLAST a.s. is based on high quality of products, which is achieved through professionality of all its employees and further reliable service. An emphasis on ecology is also very important and is reflected in the company’s know-how, thanks to which even recycled plastics could be processed into pipes and profiles. This has also an influence on the excellent price-quality ratio.


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Published 13.07.2015
Updated 15.08.2022
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