Do you feel in the corner and do not know what to do? Seminar or personal consultation

Have you experienced the feeling of being cornered? Do we not know what to do in different situations, in relation to children, partner or colleague at work?

Feeling cornered without knowing what to do in different situations, with a child, partner or colleague at work, and whatever you do, you don't know where to go? Where to move, what to do? It is one of the very common manifestations of our hurried times. And what about it?
Come to the seminar or order a personal consultation.
First, we'll talk about your feelings and try to figure out why it comes from. Then, for a moment, you engage, instead of continual thinking, feelings and body. And we'll find out as much as you can and look for connections between the feelings and problems we talked about at the beginning. Through this process you can see the context that you would not otherwise notice and see a different view of the originally insoluble situation.

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