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Courses, seminars, personal consultations in the interpersonal relationships
I specialize in the relationship between parents and their children.
In this area, I have many years of experience both as a regular teacher in the nursery school, then as a director in a state and now private nursery school, but also as a lecturer and personal consultant.

I offer "How to Relationships Differently".
However, it is not a miraculous method or precise instructions how getting rid of the problems, but the effective help to solve a problem by one´s powers.
During personal consultations, I want to see not only both parents but also their child and also experience some interaction with them, which I can analyze then with parents.

I organize free-cycle seminars for parents in schools:
Satisfied Parent - Satisfied Child

Other seminars:
How by the child's anger?
Do you feel in the corner and are you at one's wits' end?

Teaching activities:
Childhood, upbringing, education
Relationship Teacher - Child and Teacher - Parent
Coaching of senior executives

Counselling for interpersonal relationships
Individual consultation
Finding possibilities in partnership and family relationships
Personal development of teachers - supervision, coaching, cooperation with parents

All this in the Benesov district or in Prague and surroundings.


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