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Air filtration, rotary feeders, screw conveyors - Filtr Zeos

The Filtr Zeos Ltd. company is engaged in production of ecological equipment for air cleanness - pulse-jet filters, cyclones, cyclone separators; in production of equipment for horizontal and vertical transport of loose materials - screw conveyors, rotary feeders; in production of pipelines, tanks.
The main production programme of Filtr Zeos Ltd. company are filtration devices for exhaustion and filtration of rigid solid particles from flowing air and combustion products. Filters with pulse - jet regeneration are delivered in sizes from 1.5 m2 to 4000 m2 of filtration surface. Filters serve for example for dedusting of biomass boilers, transport routes, storage tanks, silos and other equipment during which working increased dustiness is created. The design can be solved as point filters, cyclofilters.
Particular actions are carried out comprehensively - dedusting project; delivery including pipes, ventilators and other equipment; installation; putting into operation and provision of servicing.
Rotary feeders are used for feeding and dosing of granular and powdered materials where pressure separation of equipment following up each other or making material flow more uniform is necessary. Rotary feeders controlled by a frequency converter are used to regulation of fed material quantity. Rotary feeders in anti-explosive version meet the statutory certification conditions according to ATEX.
The Filtr Zeos Ltd. also offers trough and tube screw conveyors made of stainless and structural steel, incl. anti-abrasive treatment. Screw conveyors are intended for installation in technological units for transport of loose materials.
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