Producer of bakery ovens, automation technique and heat recovery systems for bakeries

The Kornfeil Ltd. company was founded in 1990 in a small wine-growing village of Cejc u Hodonina.
It started its activity by production of electric bread deck ovens with only 30 employees in a new production hall with a basic machinery.
The Kornfeil company is the Czech family firm focused mainly on the production of bakery ovens and related equipment for modern bakeries.
During three years it has built an excellent design and technical background for production of a number of gas furnaces in a deck and rotary design, further for production of proofers and charging equipment.
Today the company has its own design and development department with modern technical equipment. The result of management is a dynamic company offering new products and innovative trends to bakery field every year. During fifteen years of its activity, the company managed to remove an oven peel, implement industrial automation and computer control of baking process in all categories of bakeries throughout the European Union market.
Currently the company has two up-to-date equipped production plants with a total area of 5000 m2.
For production of bakery ovens we use first-class materials and manufacturing components from the world market to ensure operational reliability of our products.
Company's philosophy is to offer bakery field technique able to produce the highest quality bakery products with minimal labouriousness.
The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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