Laboratory chemicals and reagents for laboratories and industry, the Czech Republic

The FAGRON, a.s. company is engaged in the manufacture and internet sale of laboratory chemicals of the highest purity and reagents to be used in laboratories and industry.

Do not waste time searching for quality laboratory chemicals or reagents and make an order with the FAGRON, a.s. company, which supplies chemicals of the highest purity to pharmacists, as well as to the cosmetic, food processing or veterinary industry.

In our online store you can choose from a wide range of products:
- Methylamine 40%
- aminoantipyrine
- naphthol
- acetoin
- Acetaldehyde
- Ammonia 25% solution
- Sodium benzoate
- Benzyl alcohol
- Bromate, Bromide, ..
- Chlorobenzene
- Chloride
- Citrate
- Nitrate, Nitrite, ..
- Glycerin
- Glycine
- Iodine
- Caffeine
- Camphor
- Acids
- Toluene
- Methyl alcohol
- Naphthalene
- Urea
- Acetate
- Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium peroxide
- Sulphate
- Sulfide
- Carbonate
- Vanillin
- Xylene
- Reagents
- Gelatine and others ...

We produce and distribute pharmaceutical raw materials. We cooperate not only with pharmacists, but also with doctors and universities. We supply our products all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and also abroad.

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