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Brazing stainless and steel materials using copper (Cu) and nickel-chromium (Ni-Cr) based paste the Czech Republic

Czech company D&K Brazing s.r.o. operates a linear brazing furnace with hydrogen and nitrogen gas shielding suitable for continuous brazing and annealing, in particular of stainless steels and ordinary steels.

100% pure copper in the form of a plastic, liquid paste is the most commonly used solder for brazing steel and stainless materials, tubing and other components. Brazing using copper paste delivers excellent results thanks to the good capillarity of copper and the high strength of the resulting bond. Turn to D&K Brazing s.r.o. from Czech Republic for your stainless brazing needs.

Ni and Cr-based pastes are beginning to gain in popularity as a replacement for Cu-based paste. The advantages of these braze pastes are:
- higher joint strength
- improved resistance to corrosive environments
- lower brazing temperatures than some Ni-Cr braze pastes.

A reduction in the impact on the structure of the underlying material is a highly sought-after advantage. Rounding out an overall positive impression is the fact that the colour around the joint blends in with the base material, as opposed to the striking reddish brown colour of joints when a copper-based paste is used.

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