In the product range of other agricultural products is located the hay and straw in round and blocks packages, agricultural crops, fibre plants, bags, and bulk bags of seed, plant seeds and crops, and last but not least, also the additional agrarian commodities.

The company Jaromír Jindřich operates road freight transport up to 3.5 t. We provide national and international road freight transport. Road freight transport: - domestic, international road transport.

Agricultural production: -vegetable -cereals, legumes, oilseeds, -vine, vineyard

Road motor transport - goods operated by vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, if they are intended for the transport of animals or goods -Wholesale and retail trade -Pawn shop and retail sale of second-hand goods -Shipping and representation in customs proceedings -Wood processing, ...

Sale: - products of plant production.

Production: - feed mixtures for farm animals Purchase, storage and sale of agricultural commodities. Advisory service in the field of livestock breeding. Establishments: VKS Tržek - phone 777 040 923 - email: Silo Polička: - phone 777 040 916 - email: Litomyšl warehouse: - phone 777 040 919 VKS ...

- intermediary activity - purchase of goods for the purpose of their further sale and sale notice: does not apply to the purchase and sale of goods listed in Annex No. 1 and 3 of Act No. 455/91 Coll., as amended

Work: -agricultural -agriculture -at autumn, field harvest. -harvest, harvest, harvest. Sale: -unprocessed agricultural products.

Mini Brewery - Záhlinice Brewery. Beer production. Sale: - draft beer - plastic barrels 30l - KEGY 15l. Rich history. New beer brewing technology.

Sale: -products of plant and animal production.

Wine production, viticulture: - possibility of tastings, celebrations, corporate events, teambuildings

Growing herbs for gastronomy delivery of herbs, edible flowers

Purchase, sale, wholesale: - agricultural products (oilseeds, cereals ...) - agricultural fertilizers.

Agriculture. - plant nutrition and protection - supply of packaging materials to agriculture - advice on choosing a variety or hybrid - supply of soybean meal, rape and sunflower meal - trade in plant commodities - seed propagation of grasses, intercrops and other crops - cleaning and pickling of seeds

Purchase, sale, export, import. Business in field of agriculture, sales and trade activities, agricultural commodities (possibility of long-term cooperation by providing an advance on seed, (export-import): -post-harvest treatment of seeds with own gravitational separator -warehousing of agricultural commodities -poppy, caraway, flax, mustard, ...

Purchase, sale: - cereals and agricultural products. Purchase of real estate for cash - houses, apartments, cottages, land and commercial buildings throughout the Czech Republic. Construction work: - terrain work - earthworks - construction of family houses - reconstruction of family houses - construction of administrative ...

Collective farm. Sale: -unprocessed agricultural products. Lease: -agricultural machinery, equipment. Retail, sale: -foodstuffs Transport: -domestic freight LIAZ.

I provide the activities of a professional forest manager, consulting in the field of forestry. Growing and sale of forest tree seedlings.

Purchase, sale: - agricultural commodities - industrial fertilizers - plant protection products - seeds Services: - laboratory analyzes of agricultural commodities

Sale, purchase: -cereals of various varieties, potatoes, corn, oilseeds, cabbage, flax, rape, sunflower, poppy. Wholesale: -sadba -potatoes, root crops, clover, grasses grass.

Agriculture, agricultural activity. Agricultural primary crop production. Cultivation, trade, sale, distribution: -cereals of wheat, barley, rye -sunflower -maize -oil rapeseed -malting barley -fruits - apricots Hunting: -fee catch of roe deer and fallow deer Forestry: -wood harvesting, wood, acacia

Agricultural production Chrást, services: - sowing sunflower and corn with an eight-row Monos seed drill with fertilization - harvesting work with combine harvesters - harvesting not only all cereals, but also sunflowers with eight-row adapters. Sale: - sunflowers - flare - corn - oilseed rape - wheat - barley

Organic farm in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains with plant and animal production. We also offer accommodation in the original farmhouse.

Wholesale: - milk - agricultural commodities - silage tarpaulins and sacks - disinfectants and hygiene products for primary agricultural production - compound feedingstuffs

Wholesale: Processed and unprocessed plant products -fields, rape, barley, poppy, corn -flour Processed and unprocessed animal products -cattle, pigs -milk Agricultural commodities Drying and cleaning: -agricultural products -harvest treatment Industrial fertilizers Agroservices Consulting activity: -agriculture.

The company BRELEX s.r.o. specializes in the supply of a complete range of hop products.