Asylum houses shall provide stay for a temporary period to persons in adverse social situation, asylum in the loss of the home or for mothers with children in a bad financial situation. Provision of accommodation, including meals, accompaniment to the authorities, the support of autonomy and self-esteem.

Centrum socialnich sluzeb Kyjov, prispevkova organizace mesta Kyjova
The field and outpatient social services are provided by the Center of Social Services Kyjov to seniors, disabled adults and families with children. For the citizens of Kyjov we provide field and outpatient care service, we also run a day care center, a nursing home and a shelter. We also offer lunch delivery to seniors over 65 and persons with ...
Diakonie Broumov, socialni druzstvo
Diakonie Broumov, a social cooperative for over 28 years, provides help to people in social need. The mission of Diakonia Broumov is to help people who, for some reason, find themselves in a crisis situation or on the fringes of society, for example by providing accommodation services or their work or social integration. The goal is for these ...
Home for people with disabilities - residential service and social assistance.

Accommodations: - asylum hostel for citizens without home.

Asylum house - the mission of the asylum house is to support and help people who have found themselves in an unfavorable social situation associated with the loss of housing, by providing temporary accommodation while returning to normal life, taking into account their individual needs. Dormitory - the mission is to provide facilities for ...

Provision of social services for homeless people: - Elim Asylum - Elim Dormitory - Elim Day Center - Field work Elim Other social services: - Social rehabilitation Elim - for people with disabilities and for people in crisis Another services - Leisure activities for children and youth More information at

Accommodations: -a shelter -for men, women -mothers with children. Another branch: -Asyl house - Straník 210, 741 11 New Jičín, Naďa Kadrnožková e-mail: tel .: 556750268.