Artistic locksmithing, blacksmithing, restoration, gilding, casting, and other similar artistic-craft work are proof that you can combine craft with estetičnem. Let you produce artsy handles, locks or metal products artists.

Ivo Bernard IBLASER.CZ
Laser engraving and cutting, graphics, sublimation, eshop. Graphic work: - business cards - leaflets - posters - banners - creation of company logo - design for car stickers
Strakos Pavel - PASIRSTVI
The firm Strakoš Pavel - PASÍŘSTVÍ deals with the implementation of atypical metal works of art and elements in architecture. We also make copies, restoration and repair of metal products. Work:  - pasířství  - metalworking  - chickpeas  - galvanoplasty  - spinning  - etching of metals  - restoration  - reconstruction  - ...
Tomas Franta Kamenicke a socharske prace
The company Tomáš Franta deals with stonework. We offer designs and implementation of statues, fountains, stone staircases, fountains, including restoration work. Masonry and sculptural works: - designs and realization of sculptures, fountains, stone staircases, fountains - restoration work. We are located at Dolní Skrýchov 56, Jindřichův ...
Joinery: -designing, realization of furniture.
ARCHKASO spol. s r.o. restauratorske sluzby
Restoration and sculpture studio - restoration of statues and stone elements of buildings - historic facades - interior paintings - Wall paintings - terrazzo floors, stairs and plaster.
Petr Svamberg vitraze a vyroba historickych skel
Artistic glazier and restorer. Production, restoration and renovation of stained glass and historic glass. Services: - restoration and renovation of windows, doors, furniture and light fittings in lead and brass not only in historic houses but also in churches, castles, castles and aristocratic residences - painting and decorating glass using ...
AA COM, s.r.o.
Production: - advertising - locksmith custom production from foils, steel, brass, stainless steel and similar materials. - construction, railings, stairs and fittings.
Roman Micka
Roman Mička, based in Opava Zlatníky, specializes in metal processing. It deals with artistic locksmithing, pimping, restoration and production of atypical locksmith products also using high-pressure water jet. It will serve not only customers from Opava but also Ostrava. It focuses on custom production of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals ...
Jiri Sika s.r.o.
We specialize mainly in decorative work. We implement our orders in the private and public sectors and we also focus on monumental and historical works. The services we provide to our clients include letter-painting work, painting and varnishing work, hand drawing, decorative painting, Airless technique, high-altitude work, flute, marble, ...
VYDRY studio Bohdana Vydrova
Mrs. Bohdana Vydrová is part of the Natělo group and is engaged in the artistic processing of precious metals, glass and stones. It focuses on costume jewelry and jewelery setting of glass, semi-precious stones and engraved stones in base and precious metals. Creates a variety of necklaces, earrings or brooches, where each piece is ...
Penzion RITA
We offer accommodation in the newly built Pension Rita in Lišov, which is only 9 km from České Budějovice in the direction of Třeboň and Jindřichův Hradec. We have 5 apartments, 2 of which are for three people, one is a double with extra bed and the other two have 2 fixed beds and 2 extra beds, which are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen with ...
Drevo atelier RB Roman Blecha
Atelier-RB We are engaged in the production of sculptures from wood, especially with an exotic theme, as well as imitations and replicas of wood carvings. We also offer the production of decorative banners, interior and exterior accessories.
-Manufacture of food and starch products -Growing burning -Mediation of trade and services -Manufacture, trade and services nec -Wholesale and retail trade -Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport -Accommodation services -Operation of cultural, cultural-educational and entertainment facilities, ...

Locksmith work, locksmith, locksmith, blacksmith work, artistic blacksmithing. Blacksmith. Production to order.

Glass artist. Production: Original signed sculptures made of cut glass

Services: - financial advice - insurance

Services: - drawing illustrations, cartoons and animations