The subject of the foreclosures are movable and immovable things. These are then subsequently shown on auctions or various auditions. Cars, houses, electronics or furniture. With the resolution of execution issues you can help enforcement authorities or different independent businesses.

We are a security agency and provide comprehensive services in the field of physical security of buildings, security of persons and property, organizing or detective services. We have extensive experience with security measures when transporting money and celebrities. We will provide discreet personal security and drivers from among our qualified ...
Financni poradenstvi Prostejov Jakub a Martin Slajsovi
We are specialists in finance, mortgages, investments, real estate and insurance. We will help with the processing of a mortgage or consumer loan, with financial plans and sale of house, apartment and land. We operate in the areas of Prostejov, Olomouc, Vyskov, Prerov, Kromeriz, Brno city, Brno countryside, Blansko and Boskovice. We have been ...
I.E.T. Reality, s.r.o.
The company I.E.T.Reality, s.r.o. in Brno with branches in Ostrava and Prague is a successful, dynamic and sought-after real estate agency, which has nationwide scope and has been providing complete real estate service and financial consultancy for more than 10 years. It specializes in auctions, auctions and investment opportunity search, sale and ...
Financial services - purchase of real estate - investment - repurchase of receivables - execution

Our company has been providing professional advice and resolving all facts in the field of debt and finance for over 10 years. -Insolvency -Deferment of execution - Unenforceable execution -How to defend execution, executors. We specialize in administrative, organizational economic, financial and economic consulting. If you have problems ...

Financial and receivables agency. Comprehensive receivables management. Purchase of receivables. Consulting in the field of executions and insolvency. Security, detective services.

Dealing with tradition since 1997 - mortgages - bank and non-bank entities - building savings, including loans - loans also from private investors - corporate loans - bank and non-bank entities - SVJ and BD loans - payment of executions without documenting the register, declared income - complete insurance

Services: - administration and collection of receivables

Auction Movita s.r.o. specialize in real estate auctions.

Services: - insolvency of legal entities and debt relief for natural persons (personal bankruptcy).

Auction server for buying and selling goods

Law Office. Services: - legal - Auditions. Sale: - bankruptcy matters - real estate, movable property and others (receivables, securities, commercial shares, etc.).

Import and sale of natural onyx and marble products: - board - tiles (decorative formatted tiles) - decorations, accessories, gift items. Services: - economic consultancy - public auctions.