Facility management is a set of many activities, which include out of warranty repairs, plumbing, electrical or masonry work, cleaning the exterior and interior of the premises, waste collection but also the maintenance of green spaces around the house, or a continuous emergency service.

TEPVOS,  spol. s r.o.
The TEPVOS city company manages services for citizens and visitors of the city in these areas. Recreation services, Municipal services, Water services and Energy services. The aim of the Recreational Services section is to manage the city's recreational and sports facilities. Year-round, regular and quality provision of recreational and sports ...
ANESO s.r.o. Sprava nemovitosti Praha 6
We offer complete property management according to customer requirements. We manage cooperative homes and real estate privatized by law. You have a wide range of services to choose from, including:  - preparation, registration and monitoring of rental contracts  - control of units and timely payment of rent  - Ensuring extensive repairs  - ...
Sprava majetkoveho portfolia Praha 3, a. s. Spravce nemovitosti Praha
Property Portfolio Management Prague 3, as has been offering its services to individuals, SJV, BD and Prague boroughs for more than 17 years. The offer of our services is wide, including above-standard services. We approach each customer individually in order to provide comprehensive economic, operational-technical services of facility management ...
Realitni kancelar REALIT Ing. Leo Zubek
Real estate agents. Purchase, sale, charge, mediation: - real estates, lands, flats, huts, cottages, industrial buildings - housing and utility rooms. Authorised expert: - appraisal of real estates. Consultancy: - real estates. Engineering activity. Supervision.
MEBYS Trutnov s.r.o. Sprava a udrzba nemovitosti Trutnov
Company MEBYS Trutnov s.r.o. acts as property manager and manages residential and non-residential units and sports facilities. We also offer services for business entities in the field of accounting, payroll and tax returns We manage town houses, indoor swimming pool, summer swimming pool, ice rink, tennis complex, city stadium and sports ...
TESMA Jaromerice s.r.o. technicke sluzby
Our company provides technical services to the city and other entities. The fields of our activity are work with construction mechanisms, business activities and others. We provide masonry, locksmith and blacksmith work. Part of the services of our masonry is the laying of pavement and interlocking paving and work with a compressor, ...
Blanka SVJ sprava nemovitosti
Blanka FRIESOVÁ, based in Prague, offers services in the following fields: - management of commercial premises - management of non-commercial premises - free quotation processing. It is a matter of course that the price offer is processed for the requested services. You can find us in Prague 6 at Ruzyňská Street 583/59.
Centrum integrovanych sluzeb, spol. s r.o.
The company Centrum integrovaných služeb, spol. s r.o. provides a comprehensive program and services for organizations and businesses. We offer professional advice, complete cleaning and cleaning service for office buildings, households and industrial buildings. We also operate in the field of advertising and telecommunications. Services: - ...
Jihomestska majetkova, a.s.
Services: - management of housing and non-housing fund of various ownership - maintenance of greenery and roads - preparation and implementation of constructions
Safe point s.r.o.
The company Safe point s.r.o. based in Pilsen is a Czech company providing a wide range of services in the field of property and personal protection, cleaning services, real estate management and, last but not least, real estate agency activities. Safe Point is a company with the status of an employer with more than 50% of employees with ZPS ...
EVROPA realitni kancelar s.r.o.
Mediation of the sale, lease and purchase of real estate will be provided by EVROPA realitní kancelář s.r.o. Prague. We also provide all legal and financial services and free consultations.
Amigal Group s.r.o. facility management
Since 1993, we have specialized in providing advice, mediation and representation in the field of purchase, sale and lease of commercial real estate and premises. We are also a provider of a comprehensive portfolio of services in the real estate management sector, which covers administrative, legislative, accounting, technical and energy ...
Technicke sluzby mesta Pelhrimova, prispevkova organizace
The company Technické služby města Pelhřimova, a contributory organization, takes care of waste management, public greenery, cleanliness and winter maintenance of roads, construction work, public lighting, cemetery management, sports grounds, parking, public toilets, markets, advertising and billboard areas of Pelhřimov. Waste management: - ...
LexFin, s.r.o.
Services in the area: - legal advice - property management, maintenance -
Real estate agency, real estate, real estate activity. Sale, rental, distribution: -flats, flats, -family house, houses - commercial objects -land, land, others - office, non-residential and business premises -cottage, cottage - apartment buildings and other real estate.

Activities of management accounting consultants -accounting, tax records. Rent - offices Real estate management.

Handyman: - minor repairs in the household - water repairs, waste, electrical, painting, coatings - folding furniture - moving - garden work and more. Acute repairs even on weekends and holidays by appointment.

Services: - cleaning and technical services - graffiti removal and protective coatings - facade cleaning - washing interlocking paving - outdoor cleaning - grass cutting - regular, one-off and general cleaning - office cleaning - cleaning of apartment buildings - laundry (hotels, restaurants, etc.) - other cleaning services

Construction and reconstruction of civil and industrial buildings. Plumbing and heating work. Locksmith work, steel structures.