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STS Uhlirske Janovice, s.r.o.
The main activities, that we are engaged in, are the following: Ddrilling, milling, metal grinding, material cutting by gas or plasma. CNC machining, metalwork, CNC cutting, welding and sandblasting, machinery production. - we provide manufacture for the FELLA-WERKE GmbH - tire repair shop for passenger cars and trucks, tire sale, ...
Zemedelske druzstvo vlastniku Frystak
Woodworking: -massive products working -wooden section moldings Metal processing: -locksmith's products. Production: -aluminium slats/ strips for external thermal insulation of buildings -work gloves. Repair, service: -engine-pump sets for the freight vehicles and tractors -heat exchangers for grain drying rooms -grain drying ...
Realitni kancelar REALIT Ing. Leo Zubek
Real estate agents. Purchase, sale, charge, mediation: - real estates, lands, flats, huts, cottages, industrial buildings - housing and utility rooms. Authorised expert: - appraisal of real estates. Consultancy: - real estates. Engineering activity. Supervision.