The production of electricity and heat from renewable sources using modern technologies is very efficient. Solar collectors, wind farms and windmills, biomass, exceeding and hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic hybrid systems saves money and also nature.

IBG Cesko s.r.o. Energeticka reseni
The company IBG Česko s.r.o. is a technology company providing comprehensive energy solutions. We approach each client individually. We will identify its needs, design the optimal solution, deliver and put into operation. Subsequently, we provide warranty and post-warranty service. Services - comprehensive energy solutions: - decentralized ...
GEEN Holding a.s.
GEEN Holding a.s. is an energy, engineering and investment group, now consisting of 31 companies. We provide a complete service for the energy sector from building sources of electricity production to its distribution to end customers. We focus on renewable energy, we operate 6 hydro and 10 photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic and ...
Photovoltaic systems for households and companies Our company was founded in 2012 with the vision of helping and using the renewable resources of Mother Nature. The company was founded with a passion for saving energy and an effort to develop in something that is close to us and that we understand. We have more than 15 years of experience and a ...

Photovoltaic power plants: - network system with connection to distribution systems - hybrid system using electricity distribution - island system suitable for cottages. Settlement of subsidies - New green savings.

Battery system for excess energy from distribution systems and any sources of electrical energy - photovoltaic power plants or turbines.

AGRO CS, a.s. is currently one of the leading producers of fertilizers, grass seeds and substrates in Central and Eastern Europe. Our activities are divided into four main divisions: garden, agro-service division, engineering division and bioenergy division. Within our services we operate an accredited laboratory. Garden division Production, ...

Heating system cleaning, water treatment, demineralization, heat exchanger cleaning, boilers, energy resources management.

Technical information and projects: Photovoltaic power plant Services: -creation of implementation project documentation for construction -realization -authorical supervision -consultation Energy independence Offer: -comprehensive solution of self-sufficiency in electricity supply Services: Design and implementation: -hybrid ...

Designing, design work in the fields of: - electro - construction - ventilation system - steaming pit technology - test rooms - technical equipment of buildings. Activity: - development and construction of renewable sources of electricity and heat - supplies of test rooms for electric and internal combustion engines - design and ...

Delivery - production line of JUNG switches - electrical installation material - switchboard technology Intelligent electrical installation KNX / EIB - consulting - pre-project activity - elaboration of implementation projects Intelligent electrical installation KNX / EIB - supply and installation of ...

Consulting in the areas of energy management, energy optimization and analysis, energy audits, assistance in submitting subsidies, design activities in the field of thermal engineering, HVAC and electrical engineering, including the design of intelligent installation.

Sales and installation - electronic security systems Sales and installation - lighting Electrical engineer work - electrical work - high current distribution - low current distribution Delivery - photovoltaic power plants

Delivery of small and large photovoltaic power plants with operations throughout the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. - turnkey power plant - electrical house solutions

Activity: - production of electricity from renewable sources

Sales, assembly, installation, repairs, service, revision: - public lighting - switchboards including control systems. Energy consulting, in order to achieve energy savings. Consulting in the field - renewable resources.

Activity: - renewable energy sources.

Projection, realization, operation: -photovoltaic power plants -wind power plant -hydropower plants

Biogas station Žitín - production of green energy.

Projection and engineering activity, construction - biogas stations Services - geological Survey - use of biomass and biowaste as a renewable source of energy

Realization of wooden construction and photovoltaic power plant.

Project activity - heating Construction - solar power stations - solar systems Heating works - heat pumps Service - gas boilers Plumbing work

Design, construction, operation: -wind power plants, wind parks. -biogas stations.

Cluster of alternative energy sources - mobile and stationary storage sources, - rail battery vehicles, - use of pyrolysis technology - use of RES

Design, supply and installation: - induction and LED lighting - turnkey photovoltaic power plants - small wind farms. Delivery: - wood fuels (pellets, briquettes).