Electricity and gas produced and supply power and gas company, which further provide services such as heating and operation of equipment. Among the services include the production of, respectively, the extraction of energy, waste energy, and their bargain purchases, goes without saying there are also consulting services.

LAMA energy a.s.
Buy and sale of heating oil: - heavy oil - light oil - low sulfur.
GLUMBIK s.r.o.
GLUMBIK Ltd. Ostrava. Assembly, repairs, service, overhauls, tests: -reserved gas equipment -manufacturing equipment. Provision: -technical support. Production: -machinery and equipment for general purposes -metal structures, boilers, bodies, containers. Activity: -engineering in investment construction -design in ...
APPLIC spol. s r.o.
Since its foundation our company has been engaged in industrial automation especially in following fields: Energetics- remote control in energetics Combined heat and power production (CHP) - measuring and regulation, control systems Textile industry - textile machinery and equipment control, machine renovation Automobile and food industry - ...