The operators of the Czech parts of the pipelines transporting oil through pipelines, its storage, the organisation of oil pipelines and management. Oil refinery on the contrary, care about the production of gasoline and diesel fuel, which is subsequently supplied for the purpose of sale to the gas pump.

Transport: -personal bus -freight -Freight forwarding. Work: -ground -demolition. Sale: -fuels. Coal warehouse. Business activity. 516 474 100 trucking sale of fuels 516 475 295 516 477 207 Velke Opatovice 218

Manufacture of petroleum derivatives. Exploration, exploration and production of oil and gas deposits.

Wholesale, retail: -industrial fittings -chemical products -petroleum products -gas boilers.

Tourist hostel, accommodation: -Separate two-three- and six-bed rooms with sink, toilet and shower are shared as well as kitchenette. There is one (2 beds + extra beds) apartment with private bathroom. -30 beds + extra beds -8x double room -4x multiple bedroom -1x apartment Price of accommodation from 185 CZK bed / night. Possibility of ...

- Storage - Production of refined petroleum products

Member of the MND group - extraction of oil and natural gas in the Czech Republic and in other countries of the world.

Extraction: - Petroleum - natural gas. Delivery: - gas - electricity. Gas first hand 800 400 500 MND Green / Ethics Line 800 100 630