Mining, processing, or direct the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores originating from the Czech republic or abroad. You can choose between the iron ores like magnetite, hematite, limonit or non-iron ores of the type of bauxite, chromite, kobaltit, galena and more.

Wholesale: Metallurgical material -Precise welded steel pipes -Seamless -welded -structural -Precise welded closed profiles -jäkl, jekl -D profile -tunnel -flat -Hydraulics -hydraulic pipes -piston rods -Stainless steel and aluminum pipes -Service activity -transport, storage -cutting to the exact ...

Former Uranium Mines Příbram. Management of uranium deposits. Mining: -ore -uranium. Various associated operations. The control panel connects all operations.

Collection and disposal of other waste: - disposal of inert waste (soil, rubble)

Business activity: - steel materials - mineral resource.