Mining, processing, or direct the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores originating from the Czech republic or abroad. You can choose between the iron ores like magnetite, hematite, limonit or non-iron ores of the type of bauxite, chromite, kobaltit, galena and more.

Exclusive representative of BLÜCHER A.S. (BLUCHER) for the Czech and Slovak Republics, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Sales, wholesale, distribution: - stainless steel drainage systems - gutters - covers, cover plates, lid - stainless steel grates - stainless steel floor inlet slots - EuroDrain floor drains - floor ...

Sales, retail, wholesale: - material for tinsmiths and roofers -sheets, roof gutters, gutter systems, roof gutters, elbows, elbows, boilers, gutters, downspouts, sheet metal roofing, sheet and roll sheet metal - material zinc, copper (Cu), aluminum (Al). -accessories gutter front, hooks, leaf catcher, gutter pipe, gutter corner, leaf corner, ...

Wholesale: Metallurgical material -Precise welded steel pipes -Seamless -welded -structural -Precise welded closed profiles -jäkl, jekl -D profile -tunnel -flat -Hydraulics -hydraulic pipes -piston rods -Stainless steel and aluminum pipes -Service activity -transport, storage -cutting to the exact ...

Former Uranium Mines Příbram. Management of uranium deposits. Mining: -ore -uranium. Various associated operations. The control panel connects all operations.

Collection and disposal of other waste: - disposal of inert waste (soil, rubble)

Business activity: - steel materials - mineral resource.

Wholesale, retail, sales, consulting. Supplier of material for major constructions: - Temelín and Mochovce nuclear power plants.

Wholesale, sale: -stainless steel sheets -pipes, trumpet - steel round, square, hexagonal, L-profiles, U-profiles. Work: -laser -surface finish -grinding, brushing and gluing line.

Processing of graphite raw material, production of micro-ground graphite and exothermic coating powders.

A subsidiary of FA Sun Chemical Aktiengesellschaft. Mediation of trade: - fuel -ores, metals and technical chemicals.

Mediation - industrial production, delivery from China: -pressed sheet metal parts, plastic parts including tool production - rough zinc castings or decoratively chrome-plated - welded and knitted wire nets -PVC, PU leatherette -printed circuits - packaging cartons -swivel, pallet, furniture wheels.

Sales, distribution: -preparations made of heat-resistant materials for thermal processing and combustion (cast, welded, CFC) - construction of preparations - grates, baskets and superstructures -standard, optimized, tailored to measure according to the customer's wishes -spare parts cast, welded, designated for industrial ...

Production, sale, wholesale: - carbonizing agents, foaming agents - metallurgical cokes - pig iron - slag-forming additives - alloying and deoxidizing additives.