In the case of psychological problems it is advisable to visit the psychological counseling center, where you can consult with the individual psychological difficulties such as depression, nervousness, anxiety, and low self-esteem, migraines, insomnia, tics, education or relationships.

Klinicka psychologie Pastuchova s.r.o. Mgr. Martina Pastuchova
The company Klinická psychologie Pastuchová s.r.o. operates a surgery of child clinical psychology for Bohumín, Orlová and its surroundings. We are based in Dolní Lutyň. We provide services of clinical psychology and child clinical psychology. We deal with psychodiagnostics of children, adolescents and adults on the basis of health indications, we ...
Digitus Mise, z.u.
Digitus Mise, z.ú. is a provider of social services. The company was established primarily for the purpose of providing social field services. Our belief is that offering the provision of social care in citizens' households should be the first offer of the type of social assistance, only in the second place all the offered institutional ...
PHDR. ALICE STROSSOVA - detsky klinicky psycholog
PhDr. Alice Strossová runs a child clinical psychologist's office. I provide psychodiagnostic examination of children and adults and psychotherapy (individual and family). We accept new patients by telephone appointment. You can find us in two surgeries in Opava and Vítkovice. Surgery of a child clinical psychologist: - psychodiagnostic ...
PhDr. Kotrcova - Klinicky psycholog
Clinical psychologist PhDr. Anna Kotrčová provides comprehensive professional care in the field of clinical psychology for children and adults. We diagnose and then choose the appropriate therapy for anxiety, depression, psychosomatic problems, family or school problems. We also perform hypnosis. Clinical psychologist's office: - clinical ...
Clinical psychologist PhDr. Dagmar Pechová deals with psychological care of children and adolescents. In our office we provide a comprehensive psychological examination, most often it is to determine the level of intellectual abilities of children, their psychological development, for example, to start school or career guidance. Psychological ...
Integracni centrum Zahrada v Praze 3
The Garden Integration Center in Prague 3 is a day care center dedicated to children with multiple disabilities. We focus on providing quality social services for children over six years of age who suffer from severe mental or physical disabilities. Children are offered individual pedagogical and rehabilitation care. We also help families caring ...
Centrum intervencnich a psychosocialnich sluzeb Libereckeho kraje, prispevkova organizace
The Center for Intervention and Psychosocial Services of the Liberec Region is a contributory organization of the Liberec Region, which covers and manages the social services provided within the organization. We focus on professional social counseling, telephone crisis assistance and also the operation of an intervention center. The Liberec ...
Psychological counseling - psychotherapy. I offer: Individual psychotherapy Psychological counseling Relationship therapy

Education. Coaching. Psychotherapy. ESF projects. Personnel agency.

Poruba Social Services Center provides social services: - nursing service - day service center - center for mothers with children - asylum facility

Non-governmental non-profit organization. Prevention, treatment and integration of people at risk of drug addiction. Outpatient treatment and counseling. Counseling center for alcohol and other addictions. U Mloka Family Center: - social activation services for families with children. Gallery U Mloka.

M.Sc. Tereza Pelantová runs a private psychological and psychotherapy practice in Brno.

Private clinical psychologist in the field of psychological counseling and diagnostics.

Services: -psychological counseling, supportive psychotherapy, energy exercises, shaping personality and behavior, I reduce the consequences of stress, anxiety and social phobia, I work with suspicious and paranoid thoughts, I solve crisis situations in the area of partnership and marriage, I teach how to deal with problematic people, how to ...

PhDr. Romana Boháčová runs an intuitive and holistic psychology consultancy.

M.Sc. Marcela Novozámská focuses on psychological counseling, crisis intervention and teaching.

M.Sc. David Danel provides services in the field of psychological counseling and diagnostics.

Social services of the city of Havířov: - relief services - prevention center - services for foster families, counseling for disabled people - legal advice etc.

Social care center. - stationary, - rental of medical and rehabilitation equipment, -free time activities, -mini school, -personal assistance.

M.Sc. Martin Hányš provides therapy for children, teenagers and adults in Prague.

M.Sc. Eva Vavřínová is a clinical psychologist focusing on children, addictions, mental health and illness, and occupational psychology.