SLOMAK spol. s r.o.
Rozvoz, vymena autoagregatu po cele CR

The company SLOMAK spol. s r.o. is engaged in the sale of spare parts LIAZ, Tatra, Avia. Our company is located in Sazovice near Zlín. We provide sales, service and replacement of auto aggregates for cars, cars and tractors Liaz, Tatra, Avia, Karosa and for trailers and trailers. We deliver free throughout the Republic.

We repair hydraulic jacks, auto aggregates Liaz, Tatra, Avia, Karosa. It is also possible to sell and exchange auto units while you wait.

 - hydraulic jacks for all types of tipper trucks, trailers and semi-trailers
 - Penta, Edbro, Mariz, Fliegel, Hyva, Binotto, Mailer.
 - linear hydraulic motors, rods for agricultural and construction machines, excavators, loaders, etc.

We also sell spare parts for trucks Liaz, Tatra, car batteries, tools and car accessories.

Service, repair, repair, repair, exchange:
 -Auto aggregates, auto aggregates for cars, cars, tractors LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA, ŠKODA 1203, IFA, ZETOR, MULTICAR and for semi-trailers and trailers:
  -Hydraulic jacks, hydraulic jacks and equipment
  - air conditioning, air conditioning
  - electrical servicing
  -mailer, penta, mariz, edbro, binotto
  -Brake cylinder, brake cylinder
  - clutch boosters, clutch boosters
  -compressors, compressors
  - oil heating
  -dampers, dampers
  - coolers, coolers
  -Hinges, hinges Ringfeder
  -and other.

Export, export, import, import, sale:
 - spare parts of LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA trucks
 -Accessories and accessories LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA
 - car batteries
 - Brake lining.

Plant Sazovice - repair workshops:
 -Sazovice 216, 763 01 Mysločovice, Czech Republic

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SLOMAK spol. s r.o.


Sazovice 216
Sazovice 763 01
+420 603 259 477

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