SEFO plus, s.r.o.


Výroba speciálních vysekávacích nožů

SEFO plus s.r.o. (Ltd.) based in Frystak near Zlin is a company from the Czech Republic, which is the state of the European Union. It is one of the largest companies in the field in Europe. SEFO plus s.r.o. is engaged in the production of punching knives, clicking dies, and perforating dies (matrices) for shoemaking and leather companies. It produces punching knives, clicking dies and perforating matrices according to the supplied documents. They use state-of-the-art technologies such as electrical discharge machining, CNC milling, water and laser cutting.

For the production of knives we use high-quality knife steel, which is supplied to us by the Austrian company BÖHLER, pipe punches and prickers are supplied by the Swedish company Gerdins.
We supply punching knives, clicking dies to manufacturers of footwear, haberdashery, clothing and textile industry, saddlery and other leather companies.

Punching knives, clicking dies:
- production to any shape according to customer requirements, thanks to the use of modern technologies and the use of cutting-edge materials, the punching knives are accurate and have a long service life.

We produce special punching knives, clicking dies according to the client's requirements to the smallest detail. They are accurate and have a long service life.

Planchette dies are made of thin knife foil. It is set in a duralumin plate. The planchette dies can be heated, so they can be used in the packaging industry, eg for cutting plastics or also for cutting leather or textiles.

Perforating dies are produced in any shapes according to customer requirements. Setting plates are cut by laser or water jet. Shaped pipe punches are made on a wire cutter. Perforating matrices have high precision and long life.

We also manufacture dies, matrices for hitting decorative studs into the leather, matrices for perforating and molding decorative elements into insoles and dies for rubber soles.

CNC milling and electrical discharge machining:
- custom-made production for camping shop, gasket manufacturers in small series up to 500pcs.

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