REIN BAU, s.r.o.

The supplier REIN BAU s.r.o. based in Prague has two main divisions. One of them is Rein Bau construction, which has been dealing with apartment renovations, earthworks for 10 years and also offers gardening services. The second company, Rein Bau 3D Services, has been providing professional extermination and prevention of rodents, insects and other pests for 10 years.

Rein Bau - construction activities
- reconstruction of flats from A to Z, both partial and complete reconstruction
- earthworks and excavation work - we carry out, for example, excavations of foundations, water and sewerage connections, incl. transportation of materials as well as disposal and storage of rubble or soil. We use excavators, loaders and dozers for all tasks.
- gardening services - we offer the establishment of new gardens and the modification of existing ones, including one-time or regular maintenance.

Rein Bau - 3D services
- special protective deratization - liquidation of rodents or other infections transmitting pests
- special protective disinsection - insect extermination
- special protective disinfection - complete disinfection and elimination of viruses (including coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), bacteria, fungi and parasites
- deodorization - removal of unpleasant odors
- disinfection - liquidation of weeds and other plants or woody plants
- cleaning - a wide range of cleaning services, including other services
- waste collection and disposal - unnecessary and hazardous waste
- protection against birds - complete implementation of a protection system against birds
- monitoring and evaluation of activities.

If you are required for any of the activities we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and suggest solutions to your problem.

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