Collecting yards, or in general collection of waste will take care of all types of waste. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, hazardous waste, printed circuit boards of PC, car batteries and accumulators, electronic waste or biological waste belongs only to a special sampling sites.

AWT Rekultivace a.s.
OKD Rekultivace, JSC. Havirov - Prostredni Sucha, district Karvina, Moravskoslezsky region. OKD Rekultivace JSC. was established as a subsidiary company of OKD JSC. in 1994. The firm is the continuator of national enterprise OKR Rekultivace that was established January 1, 1962. Reclamation, rehabilitation: -elimination of negative ...
Kovohute Pribram nastupnicka, a.s.
Purchase and recycling: -lead scrap and its alloys -lead accumulators. Production: -pig lead and lead alloys.