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Profesionalni tonovani autoskel Zlin

At CARTINT we provide tinting of windshields without dismantling. We apply car foils - sun, protective polyurethane and 3D films on the car.
Furthermore, security, thermal insulation, window foil for buildings. We also tint glass buildings and supply safety glass for buildings.
We operate not only in the district of Zlín, but throughout Moravia.

Another services:
 - vehicle body stickers.

Glass tinting with 5-year warranty - application of special film without glass removal.
The advantages of the car foil are its resistance to abrasion, scratching, grease, color stability and long life.
Thanks to the foil you will be protected from UV radiation in the car, the temperature in the car will decrease and there is no danger of glare of the driver.
Your car will get a better look and at the same time be better protected against intrusion of thieves. The safety foil glass is reinforced and the darkened glass reduces visibility into what is inside your car.

Body foils - protection of vehicle paint by foils.
These are polyurethane films that show a high gloss, extended life and minor scratches by the heat of the sun disappear.

In addition, 3D changing foil or wrap film developed in the US. These specially formulated hybrid films are suitable for both partial and complete coating of vehicle body, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile and jet ski and other vehicles.
Thanks to these films, you can change the color and design of your vehicle much faster and easier than with conventional body painting. In addition, your original paint will remain protected from scratches and discoloration.

Window foil for buildings:
 - clear safety foils - suitable for industrial plants, schools, kindergartens, glass doors, glass walls, etc., will slow down the spread of fire, increase protection against thieves, against the effects of pressure waves and against injuries caused by glass breakage
 - solar control:
   - reflective foil - provides protection from heat transfer to the interior through windows, are provided with a metal layer, thanks to which the sun rays reflect, these foils are opaque from the exterior, but the transparency from the outside is maintained
   - solar insulation foils for the interior - they are suitable for reducing heating costs, the heat is reflected from the foil on the glass from the inside back into the room, so there is no heat loss
 - thermal insulation foils - also reduce heat loss through windows or doors by up to 20%, installed from the inside. Both clear and color variants are available, so they can be used as a design element.

Creative Studio Design By Cartint.
Visualization of color combinations of car foils.
Design, realization:
 - original advertising stickers for private vehicles, company cars, other company promotional materials and advertising carriers.

Assembly workshop:
 -Zlin-Louky, Pod Sternberkem 306, areal Zlinprojekt.

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