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Cisteni kominu Znojmo

Company Jaroslav Křivánek - KOMINICTVÍ s.r.o. from Šatov near Znojmo deals with all chimney works. We build new chimneys and reconstruct old ones. We install facade chimneys. We also provide approval, lining and inspection of chimneys. We provide all the above activities in the vicinity of Znojmo and Šatov.

Chimney sweep Jaroslav Křivánek focuses not only on the construction of new chimneys, but also on their sweeping and cleaning. We specialize in the construction of stainless steel chimneys of the Schiedel brand. We also build chimney systems Helus, Ciko or Ekokomín.

Part of our activity is also the repair and complete reconstruction of chimneys. One of the methods of chimney repair is their lining. Lining is carried out when the chimney has a bad draft, the chimney flue does not comply with regulations, the smell of flue gases can be smelled in the heated room or when condensate penetrates into the walls of the chimney body.

We install facade chimneys, which will serve perfectly as an elegant addition to the exterior of the building - their acknowledged construction creates an interesting architectural element.

We are members of a community of chimney sweeps and an authorized person measuring the efficiency of the combustion source and effluents.

We perform inspections and checks of chimneys and flue gas paths. We approve newly built chimneys.

Our other activities include the calculation of the smoke path and the dimensions of the chimneys. We also measure the efficiency of the combustion source and outgoing substances according to Act No. 86/2002 Coll., Chimney draft or gas tightness.

We install flues, chimneys and roof outlets.
We supply fireplaces and inserts.

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