Emilie Dirrova

Svitavska 7/3, Moravska Trebova 571 01
Telephone: +420 461 316 920

Reg. No.: 12357430
VAT No.: CZ415504473
District: Svitavy
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Dirr

  • coloured threads, cotton yarns of various colours, knitting needles, leather goods and leatherware, pearl buttons, wooden buttons, crochet hooks, spiral zippers, hand needles, sewing machine needles, knitting yarns
  • men's walking footwear, children's walking shoes, seasonal shoes, sports shoes, formal footwear, all-leather shoes, home footwear

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