MARWEI, v.o.s.

Latran 43, Velesin 382 32
Textile production:
-decoration fabric
-industrial textiles:
-for technical use
-for health service
-suits for emergency service, cuffs for pressure meters, strait-jackets
-light clothing
-sportswear, sporting costumes, shorts
-special work clothes
-special clothes on customer´s request
-textile equipment of means of transport:
-ship, air, train interiors.
Easy program change, considerable flexibility.
Home furnishing fabric
-textile decorations
-hotel bedspreads
-cushions, chair covers
-full service and cooperation with architects by interior equipment-large and small premises.
Wage labour:
-sewing of all the above-mentioned assortment, eventually other products on customer´s demand, developing workshops.

  • women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, garments for cycling, ski jackets, ski equipment, cycling equipment, sports jerseys, thermal underwear, sports drinking bottles
  • bedding for single beds, bed linen for double beds, interior net curtains, interior draperies, sofa covers, armchair covering, textile home accessories
  • ladies' blouses, denim trousers, silk shirts, round skirts, A-shaped skirts, summer dresses, winter anoraks, autumn coats, formal jackets, summer swimwear and bathing suit, summer skirts and shorts, short sleeve T-shirts, women's bras, underwear and underclothes and lingerie
  • men's trousers, underwear, formal shirts, black suits, denim trousers, short sleeve T-shirts, men's sweaters and jumpers, sports sweatshirts
  • working trousers, work overalls, work boots, work jackets, work socks, medical gowns, medical trousers

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