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Velkoobchod hutni nerezovy material

The company has been operating on the Czech market since 1992.
Wholesale, retail trade, sale of metallurgical stainless material.

Our offering:
- Sheet metal
- Special stainless materials
- Nickel superalloys
- Duplex materials
- Tubes, rods.

Product range - sheet metal:
- VARCOLOR - metal sheets and coils
- Surface finished galvanized and aluminium coils
- Cold rolled AISI 304, AISI 316Ti or 316L
AISI 321
- Hot rolled F1 surface,
- Ground cut 180 + P or 240 + P
- Punched - circular holes
- Offset Rv
- Decorative
- Antiskid
- Stair landing - floorplates - MAN- mandorla surface
- Perforated
- VAR-PET Season.
- Sheets in II. quality

- Dividing - for transverse and longitudinal separation, for surface treatments:
- Grinding, brushing
- Rewinding lines.

- Cold-rolled and hot-rolled
- Stainless pieces cut to measure.

- Cold-drawn
- Hot-rolled
- Round, flat, cut from sheet metal, square, hexagonal,
square rolled, drawn, hexagonal drawn h11
- Rods L and T profiles
- L isosceles hot-rolled
- L non-isosceles rolled or laser welded
- T rolled or laser welded, pickled
- U - UAP rolled or laser welded section
- U - UNP rolled section
- H - HEB laser welded section
- I - IPE laser welded section, girder.

- Welded
- Round EU, EUH, HF
- Square - longitudinally welded by rapid frequency method, HF
- Rectangular - longitudinally welded, substitution of flat steel
- Brushed, polished, thick-walled, magnetic
- Ground with protective film
- Welded by rapid frequency method
- Drawn seamless.

Types of films:
- Polyethylene, transparent blue, thickness of 80 microns
- Black-and-white with blue stripes
- Black-and-white with blue stripes and arrows, laser, thickness of 100 microns.

- Flanges, elbows, edge rings, adapters, sleeves, clamps, threaded fittings, T-sections, T-pieces, dished bottoms to order, table of bottom edge adjustment.

According to requirements of our clients, we also offer austenitic, duplex, heat-resistant, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels.

Other products - Equipment for gastronomic facilities and commercial kitchens:
- Worktops with welded-in sinks and for washing tables
- Washbasins
- Welded-in sinks for restaurant facilities and bar counters
- Tubs for gastronorm water bath - BAGNOMARIA
- Worktops with welded-in tubs for water bath
- Other products for commercial kitchens and gastronomic facilities.

- Equipment for grinding - sheet metal grinding
- Brushing and grinding of stainless steel coils
- Film with sheet matching
- Grinding of steel in various stages of treatment
- Dry grinding of formatted sheets
- Brushing - ScotchBrite
- Duplo processing
- Material protection by various types of plastic (Laser - PVC)
- Line for steel processing
- Coil to coil processing of steel
- Rewinding and cutting of input coils
- Rewinding of larger coils to smaller ones
- Sheet metal coating
- Transverse cutting of stainless coils.

We operate a service centre in the whole Czech Republic.




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Stainless sheet metal and other stainless materials are resistant to corrosion under all circumstances

Stainless sheet metal and other stainless materials are resistant to corrosion under all circumstances
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Service Center ITALINOX - dividing, rewinding and brushing line - stainless steel processing

Service Center ITALINOX - dividing, rewinding and brushing line - stainless steel processing
The ITALINOX service center introduces technological innovations in the processing of stainless steel, three production lines for fast and quality delivery in the form of coils or formats. The first innovation in the technology of stainless steel processing of the ITALINOX service center is the ...
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